Danica Nazar

My name is Danica. I'm from the Philippines. I took up a Bachelor of Arts in English. I've been teaching English online for 13 years now. I have experience teaching students of different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities such as Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese. 

I can teach kids courses, business English, Conversational English, Travel English, Grammar, and more.

With regard to my teaching style, I am patient, kind, and fun to talk to. I always make sure that students learn a lot from each lesson. I also give students more time to express their thoughts. Depending on their needs, I can help them improve their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, and listening skills. 

As for my hobbies and Interests, I enjoy playing the ukulele and reading books. I also love traveling. In fact, I've been to a few countries like Taiwan, Japan, and HongKong.  

I'm excited to meet you in class! See you! 

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